I am 24 years old and from Lier, Norway. In 2014 I started my engineering studies at UBC and in 2015 I was admitted to the Engineering Physics program. I expect to graduate with a Bachelor of Applied Science in May 2019, having completed four Co-op terms.

My family means a lot to me. Having grown up traveling to the mountains, a love of nature and outdoor recreation has been instilled in my siblings and me from a tender age.

This picture is from Whistler, taken the summer I started university in nearby Vancouver.

For my sixth birthday, I got a unicycle from my parents. It took a couple of years before I found the dedication to learn to ride, but the unicycle has remained with me ever since. Vancouver is home to some of the best biking-terrain in the world, so when I am able to take a weekend day off, I head to the trails of Mount Fromme in North Vancouver for muni rides. The picture below shows me riding a forest trail at home in Lier, Norway at the age of 14.


Cross-country and downhill skiing have both been an important part of my winters. The family having a small apartment in Trysil (one of Norway's largest skiing-resorts), weekends and holidays have been spent outdoors in the snow in winter-time.

In the picture below, I am traversing a 25-meter jump, my brother Johannes watching.


The age limit for paragliding in Norway is 15 years. A month after my 15 birthday I joined a paragliding beginners course and have since had in excess of 800 flights. The sport has taken me around Norway to participate in XC (cross country) competitions and flying locations.

I got my tandem paragliding license three years ago, and have had great fun taking family and friends along in the air. On the picture we see my sister and me coming in for landing in Trysil during the winter holiday in 2014.

Below is a picture of me flying solo with the Ozone Delta 2.


A speedrider is a small paraglider with increased speed and wing loading. Gard Haugen and I got our speed-riding licenses in Voss, 2014. The speed, precision, and energy these wings offer are captivating in the extreme.

The video is captured from my helmet during the summer of 2015. I land after a great flight and turn around to see Gard performing the same maneuver.

The picture below shows me ridge-soaring in Vestervig, Denmark.

For more videos, see my YouTube channel.


I started playing the piano when I was about ten years old. It has remained a great recreational interest ever since.


We have a large garden that I have been brought up to take care of. In 2009 I started a gardening-firm as a small branch of my parents' engineering company. Since then, I have had the responsibility of maintaining a local kindergarten and psychiatric institution in our neighborhood - through all the seasons (handling snow in winter and tending the lawns during summer).

The last three summers before my studies at UBC I had a summer job tending 6 churches in my local county. The work included gardening in the churchyards and grave keeping, requiring a sharp eye for details and the ability to structure the workday to keep all the properties in excellent condition. The accommodation of ceremonies required respect and compassion.

The picture shows me the day we upgraded from the Husqvarna ProFlex to the 4x4 Husqvarna P524 with rotating broom and snow thrower.