Holmestrand Stasjon

Holmestrand Train Station

"Holmestrand Stasjon" is a subterranean train station in Sandefjord, Norway that opened in December 2016. I was employed by HENT, a general contractor with primary responsibility for all interior installations in the station.

About the project

There is four parallel tracks between the 250 m platforms. Trains will pass in the centre tracks at speeds of 260 km/h, requiring careful handling of pressure and acoustics. A sealing suspended below the tunnel roof was installed to accomplish this, in addition to handling water leaking from the rock in the tunnel roof.

My Work

I had a diverse work experience, being assigned tasks involving the following:

Development and maintenance of documentation

With a design lifetime exceeding 100 years, the required documentation was significant. Updating and maintaining the system developed for documenting the production of the 562 roof hangers and subsequent suspended structural steel grid, became one of my primary duties. Ensuring the quality and completeness of the documentation required me to arrange meetings and follow-up on contractors.

Quality control and on-site inspections

Assigning and performing on-site quality controls and generating the related documentation occupied a significant part of my efforts. The work gave insight into manufacturing and the issues related to producing at scale under difficult working conditions.

Coordination of sub-contractors

For the latter part of the Co-op term, my responsibilities expanded to include overall progress monitoring and coordination of contractors. This gave new insight into how large projects are organized and the difficulties associated with keeping on schedule.