iOS development

After starting university I have worked on multiple projects including a variometer and tracklog application for the iPhone, random-number generator for the Apple Watch and an app for version-control and annotation of poetry. The last, Jottings, is currently under review for submission to the AppStore.


Have you ever lost what you have been writing because the file was not saved properly? With Jottings, what you write is automatically saved for you. All the drafts you have gone through are available as well, enabling you to go back and see your earlier work and possibly revert back.

This enables another lever of creative writing, where you are free to go off explore unknown avenues with no fear of loosing what you currently have. If it does not work out, simply revert to the previous version.

Every time you tap the the lock button, a version is stored. Otherwise, a new version is collected every 10 minutes.

Second slide
Little P

In 2012 I read an article about computer litteracy that made me decide to learn programming. Being very fascinated by the Apple eco-system, iOS became the first platform that I leaned to write for, using Objective C and X-Code 4.3. Watching Stanford’s Programming Methodology lectures on iTunes U gave me some grasp of the basics.

My first app, Little P, is a traditional bounce the ball game that got published to the App Store in 2012. Figuring out game logic, menus, user interface, graphics, Game Centre support etc. proved challenging yet very rewarding.


My second app got onto the store a year later. This was a password-protected utility-application for storing sensitive information, including login credentials, credit card information and personal notes.

I took both these apps off the app store earlier this year, as I have not had the time to maintain them over the last years.