The Ray

Over the summer, all second year engineering-physics students at UBC took ENPH 253 - a five credit, hands on robotics course on prototypig.

The design challenge is different every year, varying from climbing robots to mario-cart type autonomous racing. Our challenge was to make "Uber-bots", autonomous robots to navigate a track, sense and pick up dolls, and drop them off at a designated area. The course ended with a competition where two robots simultaniously would compete to pick up and drop off as many dolls as possible within 2 minutes. This requiered collision handeling as well.

The team made a website dedicated to displaying some of the aspects involved in the design.

Visit for details

Photo: Pasindu Muthukuda.

"The Ray team", from the left: Erik MacLennan, Jordan Jones, Nolan Heim and me.